The Earthbody Institute Programs 2022

Programs for health professionals:

Certification programs and land-based and online courses

“We go to the forest because that is where we’ve come from. It is here in the wild places that we can remember how to live in harmony with each other, the planet, and ourselves. The forest is a great repository of wisdom that remains alive and intact. The “teachings” of the forest don’t always come in words but alter us on an energetic level and allow us to receive the imprint, the blueprint of life that is our birthright as children of this creation.” ~ The School of Forest Medicine

Introductory Ecotherapy Programs

Online Introduction to Ecotherapy

An affordable, self-paced course that offers essential concepts and practical guidelines for understanding and practicing Ecotherapy. You’ll receive a thorough introduction to the field and learn how to integrate Ecotherapy concepts and techniques into your current work. This class will empower you to engage yourself and your clients in healing relationships with the natural world. Includes training videos, step-by-step handouts, and current articles. Available anytime.


Connecting with Nature Indoors and on Zoom: Essential Tips and Tools

A training video that shares a treasure trove of practices for connecting with the healing power of nature anytime, anywhere—even in a windowless building and on Zoom! You will experience six practices and receive simple tools you can use to help yourself and others stay healthy, happy, and calm through challenging times, including a handout with 35 field-tested practices that can be used indoors or out. Available anytime.


An Introduction to Working with Nature Allies

This training video explores simple yet potent ways to connect with nature allies for guidance and healing. You will experience five practices and receive a handout with dozens more you can use to help yourself and your clients cultivate respectful, reciprocal relationships with nature allies, indoors or out. Available anytime.


Turning Towards Nature

A four-week program of relaxing, restorative group calls and nourishing nature-based activities to help you cultivate a deeper connection with nature. You will receive a wealth of practices you can use to connect with the Earth in daily life and to receive more profound benefits from time in nature—tools you can use on your own or share with clients, friends, or family. Next session in late summer 2022.


Ecotherapy Certificate Programs

Professional Online Ecotherapy Certificate Program, Level 1

A dynamic, interactive forum to learn and practice Ecotherapy with the support of a teacher and a peer group. As part of an Earth-honoring community, you’ll receive theoretical and practical training, individual and group consultation and peer support to integrate Ecotherapy and nature-based techniques into your current work. This course offers a more in-depth and applied introduction to Ecotherapy concepts and interventions than the Online Introduction. Includes training videos, step-by-step handouts, current articles, six interactive online classes and two individual consultations. Spring, summer and fall classes available.


Professional Ecotherapy Certificate Immersion Program, Level 2

A transformational experience of learning and practicing Ecotherapy in natural settings as part of an Earth-loving, supportive community. This five-day, land-based immersion will deepen your personal relationship with nature and help you integrate Earth-based practices into your work. You will learn and practice a wide variety of techniques and leave with the tools and skills you need to practice Ecotherapy confidently with both individual clients and groups, indoors and out. This program offers a nourishing blend of experiences in scenic natural settings, including deep nature connection, Authentic Movement in nature, Joanna Macy’s the Work That Reconnects, and sacred ceremony. Available in spring 2023 (full for 2022).

Ecotherapy Certification Programs

Advanced Professional Ecotherapy Training and Certification, Level 3

Our most in-depth and growing-edge program, centered in embodied, activism-inspired Ecotherapy and Earth-rooted leadership, culminating with an Ecotherapy Certification. Rooted in a decolonial framework, a core pillar of this program is weaving the individual to the collective. It offers a two-month online conceptual and practical training along with a five-day experiential immersion. You will expand your capacity to articulate and address critical issues of our planet, and help others navigate the range of hope and grief needed in this time of tremendous change. You’ll also be part of a strong, ongoing community that will empower you to take your next steps both personally and professionally, to bring your Ecotherapy offerings into the world. Available 2023 spring- summer (full for 2022).

Note: you can join the certification process at Level 2 or 3 (with prerequisites from the previous levels). Completing all three levels is required to receive the full Ecotherapy Certification.

“Contagious connection to Nature…”

“Ariana’s connection to Nature is contagious! I was truly inspired by her enthusiasm and I left with a new sense of confidence that I could bring Ecotherapy into my private practice. An added bonus was the numerous, thoughtful handouts she provided. Thank you, Ariana!”

~ Susan Karle, LMFT

“A new therapeutic language…”

“Ariana’s year-long program has taught me how to share my soulful connection with Nature with others. Through learning Earth-based practices, I now have a therapeutic language I can offer clients, supporting their own journey to wholeness.”

~ Adriel McCluer, MFT Registered Intern