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The Earthbody Institute

The Earthbody Institute is committed to the cultivation of profound, dynamic and mutual relationships with the natural world and comprehensive, practical training in the emerging field of Ecotherapy.


The Earthbody Institute programs are for:
licensed clinicians and interns, health professionals, coaches, ministers, teachers, healers, doulas and more.

We welcome all humans of any gender identity, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation and economic circumstance.


Free educational webinars
Online certificate courses
Ecotherapy certificate programs
Land-based immersion trainings
Workshops open to the general public


With the Earthbody Insitute Ecotherapy Certificate and Training Programs, students learn how to practice Ecotherapy indoors and out within professional, ethical and clinical guidelines, and how to present and pioneer this work professionally.


About the Earthbody Institute

The Earthbody Institute is an educational, professional and transformational training forum offering affordable opportunities for diverse populations to incorporate the principles and skills of Ecotherapy directly into their work.

We believe that the power of a sacred, Earth-honoring community can enhance each person’s unique gifts and catalyze their contributions towards the healing of our world.

Through our nature-based programs, we pioneer new practices for the mental health field and a wide range of allied professions (e.g. education, activism, coaching, ministry). We want those who are passionately interested in Ecotherapy to have access to this learning, and so offer: equity scholarships (for those who identify as people of color, LGBTQ and other historically marginalized populations), work-study positions, payment plans and free webinars.

The origin of the Institute

As a nature-loving therapist, Ariana Candell recognized the therapeutic value of her time in nature, and developed techniques to make this same kind of recharging, balancing and inspiration available to others. This began in 2008 with a “Movement and Meditation in Nature” series to explore the healing integration of Dance Movement Therapy in connection with nature. The therapeutic results of this combination were so powerful that it became a foundation for developing her unique approach called Somatic Ecotherapy.

This approach was further developed through Ariana’s JFK University Ecotherapy seminars, “Dance your Earthbody” public workshops and individual therapy sessions, all in urban hillside parks. She discovered that people were thirsting for a mindful, embodied and sacred connection to the natural world, and that this engendered profound shifts in their experience of themselves and their lives.

Training and Certification

Ariana founded The Earthbody Institute to address the need for a step-by-step process to integrate Ecotherapy principles and practices into therapeutic work, and to empower professionals to practice Ecotherapy with skill and confidence.

Our trainings address three foundational areas:

  • Cultivating a meaningful, personal reciprocal relationship with the natural world
  • Understanding, practicing and developing a range of Ecotherapy skills
  • Receiving and contributing to the growth of an Earth-honoring community

Vision for the Earthbody Institute

We look forward to the continued expansion of collaboration with clinics, community groups, educational programs, activists and individuals interested in hosting and developing Ecotherapy workshops and trainings. We hope to offer national and international trainings in additional locations, including Canada and Europe.

“If we could see the miracle
of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change.”

~ Buddha

“Important and creative work…”

“I would like to honor Ariana Candell for her important and creative work in bringing Ecotherapy to so many mental health professionals and others who believe, as we do, that being deeply connected to the rest of nature is a necessity for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.”

~ Linda Buzzell, co-editor of “Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind”