Zselyke Molnos

Photo credit: Julianne Skai Arbor
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Biologist, ecologist, and psychologist specialized in counselling psychology
Zselyke Molnos is the founder of the Ecopsychology Institute in Hungary and the author of the book entitled The Ecopsychological Paradigm, and also the charter for Hungary of the IES (International Ecopsychology Society). She is working with, writing about, and teaching ecopsychology since 2015.
Ecopsychology offers her the perfect possibility to synthesize her whole experience, feelings, thoughts, and degrees. It allows her to experience a responsibility that liberates by offering wholeness, and the chance that her individual joy of her everyday activities to be an integral part of the unity.
Services Summary

She offers 1:1 ecotherapy sessions, Participative Walks for groups and individuals in different kinds of natural areas, as well as Nature Facilitator trainings in Budapest, Hungary.

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