Susan Loonsk

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Artist and Prof Emerita of Art, Art Therapy (ATR-BC) and Ecopsychology
Susan Loonsk, Artist, Professor Emerita, and Art Therapist (ATR-BC) has degrees in Studio Art, Art Therapy, and Ecopsychology and has taught courses in each at the University of Wisconsin- Superior for many years. She was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, attended college and graduate schools in Connecticut, NYC, and CO.

Her mixed-media paintings are post-modern in style and use elements of autobiography and the natural world to interpret, explore, and discover the diverse realities of our earth. Merging images of self with elements of earth these paintings have been subjected to months of frigid temps, dollar store plastics, fire, ice, a flood, and paint and glue. She has exhibited in numerous group and one-person exhibitions in the U.S.

Presently living in WV, she holds Art-To-Earth™ Workshops that explore and combine concepts and activities in Ecopsychology and Creative Arts.
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Art-To Earth®, Inc is a 501(c )3 Nonprofit
A Center for Expressive Ecopsychology – Encouraging Earth Connection through Art
Art-To-Earth® Workshops
These Workshops are encounters in Art, Ecopsychology & Meditation. Enjoy Expressive Arts, Meditation, Nature-based Activities rooted in Ecopsychology principles. Connect art, earth, and self. Experience the human and nonhuman world in deep and energizing ways. Explore the creative process and nature as essential for positive change

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