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Nature & Adventure Guide, Yoga teacher, Ecowellness practitioner, Anthropology and Psychology student, Pilgrim.
I am a Nature & adventure guide, organising trips to the Wild in different parts of the World (Nepal, Mongolia, India, …). I spend over 100 days in Nature in a year. I study Veda and Ayurveda and I teach yoga. I lived with a few primal people (Gurungs, Khasi, Mishmis, Xalx, Hazabe,…) and I learnt about primitive techniques and medicinal plants. The Gurungs gave me the nickname “Ban Manche” which means “Forest-Man” (or “human friend of the Forest Spirit””). My anthropology thesis was about holy springs in a shamanic/Buddhist tradition.
I received Level One Ecotherapy Certificate from the EarthBody Institute in 2020.
Services Summary

Trips to the Wilderness in the Himalaya (Nepal, India) and the eurasian steppe (Mongolia).
Ecotherapy journeys in the French Alps.

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France (and Nepal, India, Mongolia).
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