Title and License: Nature & Adventure Guide, Yoga teacher, Ecowellness practitioner, Anthropology and Psychology student, Pilgrim.
Bio: I am a Nature & adventure guide, organising trips to the Wild in different parts of the World (Nepal, Mongolia, India, …). I spend over 100 days in Nature in a year. I study Veda and Ayurveda and I teach yoga. I lived with a few primal people (Gurungs, Khasi, Mishmis, Xalx, Hazabe,…) and I learnt about primitive techniques and medicinal plants. The Gurungs gave me the nickname “Ban Manche” which means “Forest-Man” (or “human friend of the Forest Spirit””). My anthropology thesis was about holy springs in a shamanic/Buddhist tradition.
I received Level One Ecotherapy Certificate from the EarthBody Institute in 2020.
Services Summary :

Trips to the Wilderness in the Himalaya (Nepal, India) and the eurasian steppe (Mongolia).
Ecotherapy journeys in the French Alps.

Contact Info:
Other State: France (and Nepal, India, Mongolia).
Zip code: 38