Paula Pappajohn

Title and License
MA RCC Registered Clinical Counsellor & Ecotherapist
Paula is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology.

Paula’s early years established a deep connection with nature. Playing in the forests and waterways of the Pacific Northwest, her natural surroundings offered genuine belonging, and its inhabitants became her true companions & teachers. After several years working in a major urban centre, she also discovered the preciousness of reconnecting with small-scale nature. Paula’s post-graduate studies have involved integrating art and play therapies with ecotherapy. To Paula, reconnecting with, learning from, and nurturing relations with nature are paramount to healing and wellness.
Services Summary

Paula is a private practitioner who works with children, youth, and adults. Her trauma-informed stance is rooted in an active and flexible therapeutic alliance that highlights personal strengths and natural wisdom. With her canine co-therapist, Paula offers a warm, flexible, creative, and playful stance. Paula works from her Studio, out in the community, and in the natural areas of Vancouver, BC.

Areas of work: First Responders, First Nations, children, attachment, parenting, fathering, anger, anxiety, depression, traumas and grief/loss.

Orientations: Adlerian, Attachment, CBT, Ecotherapy, Recreation Therapy, Mindfulness, Focusing Oriented therapies, and Art & Play therapies.

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