Professional Immersion Ecotherapy Learning Objectives

Immersion Ecotherapy Learning Objectives

  1. Explain three key steps to create a safe and supportive group nature connection experience.
  2. Describe two ecotherapy techniques that can be used for participants to introduce themselves to a group.
  3. Describe how to lead two sensory awareness ecotherapy practices for individuals or groups.
  4. Explain how to structure individual time in nature to reflect on a particular life challenge, and how to integrate these experiences with somatic mirroring.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to help an individual client regulate their nervous system in a natural setting.
  6. Explain how you will adapt and apply one somatic ecotherapy practice to your current modalities and client population.
  7. Describe three key components for designing healing and restorative nature-based interventions.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to lead an outdoor group ecotherapy practice utilizing at least two of the key components for nature-based interventions.
  9. Describe three group ecotherapy practices appropriate for use with your client population.
  10. Create a plan for utilizing ecotherapy practices in your personal and professional life, incorporating two personal practices and three professional techniques.
  11. Describe one intervention you can use to evoke a quality of the four key natural elements (water, air, fire and earth) for therapeutic benefit.
  12. Explain how to practice Authentic Movement in nature to activate imagination.
  13. Identify an ongoing relationship with one aspect of nature (tree, stream, creature) and explain how this relationship offers personal or professional guidance.
  14. List the four aspects of The Work that Reconnects spiral and describe how to use one of them in a therapeutic setting.
  15. Explain how to apply one therapeutic intervention for eco-grief, eco-anxiety or climate change-related issues.
  16. Describe one intervention to facilitate connection to awe and sacredness in the natural world to lessen depression and anxiety or increase well-being.
  17. List three steps of outdoor ecotherapy sessions and describe how to integrate them into your therapeutic modality.
  18. Demonstrate the ability to lead an individual ecotherapy session that integrates at least three of the seven steps of outdoor ecotherapy.