Sara DiGrazia

Sara DiGrazia
Title and License
Psy.D., RYT 200, C-IAYT
Services Summary

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, trauma-informed brainspotter, ecotherapist, yoga therapist, yoga teacher specializing in Therapeutic Yoga, and concerned Earth citizen. I work with clients and students of all ages who would like to prevent physical, emotional, and spiritual symptomatology, as well as those that are currently suffering from: physical injuries and ailments; anxiety; depression; grief; women’s issues; relationship issues; eco-grief and climate change anxiety. We are in a time of great upheaval and incredible opportunity. I look to the creation that is around us: the trees, the sea, the earth, the air, the rocks, to provide solace for myself and maintain stability and connection in an overwhelming and fast-paced world. I wish to assist my clients and my students to re-connect (in office, via telehealth, or outside) with the ancient connection of people to Earth. Joanna Macy suggests we are in the time of The Great Unraveling and The Great Turning. I look to the beauty around us and within us to guide my ecotherapy clients into discovering how they will manage the Unraveling and contribute fully to the Great Turning.

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