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Each graduate has a variety of professional skills, licenses, and/or trainings in addition to The Earthbody Institute training. We encourage you to contact them to work with them or to network.


Miles of

Title and License: Nature & Adventure Guide, Yoga teacher, Ecowellness practitioner, Anthropology and Psychology student, Pilgrim.
Bio: I am a Nature & adventure guide, organising trips to the Wild in different parts of the World (Nepal, Mongolia, India, …). I spend over 100 days in Nature in a year. I study Veda and Ayurveda and I teach yoga. I lived with a few primal people (Gurungs, Khasi, Mishmis, Xalx, Hazabe,…) and I learnt about primitive techniques and medicinal plants. The Gurungs gave me the nickname “Ban Manche” which means “Forest-Man” (or “human friend of the Forest Spirit””). My anthropology thesis was about holy springs in a shamanic/Buddhist tradition.
I received Level One Ecotherapy Certificate from the EarthBody Institute in 2020.
Services Summary :

Trips to the Wilderness in the Himalaya (Nepal, India) and the eurasian steppe (Mongolia).
Ecotherapy journeys in the French Alps.

Contact Info: robin@zehood.net
Other State: France (and Nepal, India, Mongolia).
Zip code: 38

Title and License: Inner & Outer Wilderness Guide, Ecotherapist, M.A.
Bio: Ryan Van Lenning, M.A., is an inner and outer wilderness guide and Founder of Wild Nature Heart. Certified as an Ecotherapist through The Earthbody Institute, he is passionate about facilitating re-connections with wild nature and our most authentic selves to assist in the work of repairing broken belonging.

Ryan is also an earth poet, author of Re-Membering: Poems of Earth & Soul, and High-Cooing Through the Seasons: Haiku From the Forest. He has published work in Earth Island Journal, Deep Time: The Journal of the Work That Reconnects, Terrain Magazine, Elephant Journal, various poetry journals, and in A Walk with Nature: Poetic Encounters that Nourish the Soul.

"I know what it is like to abandon oneself. And I also know what it looks like to listen to your authentic inner voice and deepest longings to create the life you desire. If you are wanting to feel a sense of deeper belonging to yourself, your calling, and to wild nature, let's talk. When I listen, I listen with all my ears—opening my pores up to absorb the information I am receiving, not just from words, but the body, symbols, and energies. My intention is to listen deeply with my mind, heart, soul, & body to honor the psyche's journey towards wholeness. Contact me for a FREE 30 minute discovery call to see if it is a good fit."
Services Summary :

1-on-1 Earth-Rooted Mentoring/Coaching
Wilderness Ceremonies/Rites-of-Passage
Deep Belonging Course
Ecogrief Healing Circles
Custom Wilderness Backpacking Journeys (1-4 days, groups of 1-5)
Weekend Immersions
Community Nature Meetups
Small group facilitation (Council Circle, Writing Wild Workshops, Deep Belonging Workshops)

Contact Info: 510-219-3349, ryan@wildnatureheart.com
Other State: CA
Zip code: 95519

Title and License: LCSW
Bio: Sasha Wright, LCSW is a somatic psychotherapist and clinical supervisor serving the diverse communities of the East Bay. Sasha is also a guide in leading embodied earth-based ritual, and offers consultation to clinicians and group leaders to incorporate ritual into their healing work.

Sasha’s orientation to stewarding wellbeing and wholeness centers a person’s relationship with their own body, communities, and the earth. She weaves somatic, mindfulness, and nature-based modalities into her practice to build bridges of connection within and beyond the human world. She is trained in Hakomi and Ecotherapy. Her work is informed by a neurobiological understanding of trauma and a social justice framework.

Sasha’s aim as a therapist, supervisor, and facilitator is to affirm people in their innate reservoir of inner resources and reveal their own gifts and solutions. Facilitating authentic experiences of belonging in one’s body, mind, and larger ecosystem draws forth true personhood, and creates the conditions for positive change.

Services Summary :

Individual Psychotherapy
Adults & Adolescents
Clinical Supervision
Personalized Ritual

Contact Info: sashawrighttherapy@gmail.com
Zip code: 94610

Sharon McCann
Title and License: Registered Professional Counsellor, Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist
Bio: For over a decade, I've been helping people recover from trauma and abuse to reclaim their lives. I am experienced with helping to resolve traumatic events, PTSD, developmental trauma, domestic and sexual abuse. Having survived traumatic events myself, I know some of the long-term impacts and challenges to well-being. Nature restores and reconnects us to ourselves, to others and our sacred planet. As a counsellor I enjoy working with others outdoors. I facilitate sensory awareness with inner awareness to promote safety, groundedness and self-acceptance. My book, "Sacred Trees, Sacred People of the Pacific Northwest," available on Amazon.com, tells the story of my own journey to reconnect with Nature in discovery of real trees regarded as sacred by communities within western USA and Canada.
Services Summary :

I offer outdoor individual and group sessions in Ecotherapy in summer and fall. As a Hypnotherapist, I am certified in Past Life Regression and Pain Management. Counselling and Hypnotherapy sessions are currently available in person outdoors and remotely online via Zoom. My location is Black Creek, in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Contact Info: sharon@sharonmccann.ca or 1-250-703-3724
Zip code: V9J 1J5
Title and License: Artist and Prof Emerita of Art, Art Therapy (ATR-BC) and Ecopsychology
Bio: Susan Loonsk, Artist, Professor Emerita, and Art Therapist (ATR-BC) has degrees in Studio Art, Art Therapy, and Ecopsychology and has taught courses in each at the University of Wisconsin- Superior for many years. She was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, attended college and graduate schools in Connecticut, NYC, and CO.

Her mixed-media paintings are post-modern in style and use elements of autobiography and the natural world to interpret, explore, and discover the diverse realities of our earth. Merging images of self with elements of earth these paintings have been subjected to months of frigid temps, dollar store plastics, fire, ice, a flood, and paint and glue. She has exhibited in numerous group and one-person exhibitions in the U.S.

Presently living in WV, she holds Art-To-Earth™ Workshops that explore and combine concepts and activities in Ecopsychology and Creative Arts.
Services Summary :

Art-To Earth®, Inc is a 501(c )3 Nonprofit
A Center for Expressive Ecopsychology – Encouraging Earth Connection through Art
Art-To-Earth® Workshops
These Workshops are encounters in Art, Ecopsychology & Meditation. Enjoy Expressive Arts, Meditation, Nature-based Activities rooted in Ecopsychology principles. Connect art, earth, and self. Experience the human and nonhuman world in deep and energizing ways. Explore the creative process and nature as essential for positive change

Contact Info: sel@art-to-earth.com
Zip code: 25443

Photo credit: Julianne Skai Arbor
Title and License: Biologist, ecologist, and psychologist specialized in counselling psychology
Bio: Zselyke Molnos is the founder of the Ecopsychology Institute in Hungary and the author of the book entitled The Ecopsychological Paradigm, and also the charter for Hungary of the IES (International Ecopsychology Society). She is working with, writing about, and teaching ecopsychology since 2015.
Ecopsychology offers her the perfect possibility to synthesize her whole experience, feelings, thoughts, and degrees. It allows her to experience a responsibility that liberates by offering wholeness, and the chance that her individual joy of her everyday activities to be an integral part of the unity.
Services Summary :

She offers 1:1 ecotherapy sessions, Participative Walks for groups and individuals in different kinds of natural areas, as well as Nature Facilitator trainings in Budapest, Hungary.

Contact Info: molnos.zselyke@ecopsychology.hu

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