I Am a Woman

I Am a Woman I am a woman. A woman with warmth In my heart to hold and rock, Giving sweet nectar of compassion And mothering love. I am a woman Open to Earth Filling me with fountains of pointed passion, Waking and warming my inner channels, Gushing through my center....

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Dancing with Nature

Take your movement practices outside! Native Americans danced under the stars in all night ceremonies. Celts practiced their rituals in the forests and meadows on the high holy days. In China, many visit parks every morning to do Chi Kung or T’ai Chi. But where do...

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Walking the Path to Spirit

Setting an intention On a sparkly spring day, I had the pleasure of taking an ecotherapy walk with Ariana Candell in an Oakland Hills park. At the start of the trail, Ariana asks about my intention for the walk. “I want to feel more grounded and at peace since I’m...

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Movement in the Wild: Nature as Dance Partner

"…Let your senses and body stretch out like a welcomed season onto the meadows and shores and hills…Greet yourself in your thousand other forms…"  ~ Hafiz You are nature expressing itself Have you ever felt the urge to dash across a sunny meadow, arms outspread, heart...

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