Ecotherapy Certificate Immersion Program

Translate your love of nature into your life and work!

Ecotherapy Certificate Immersion Program

Translate your love of nature into your life and work!

East Coast

July 28 – August 2, 2019 

Immerse yourself
in the ancient beauty
of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Sevenoaks Retreat Center, Virginia

West Coast

May 10-15, 2019 

Let the tall redwoods
and flowing creeks
of the Santa Cruz Mountains
nourish and inspire you

Ben Lomond Quaker Center, California 

Now is the time to include nature-honoring principles in our healing work!

When we give ourselves time to immerse in nature—walking among trees, gazing at expansive vistas, listening to birdsong—we feed our hearts and spirits. We touch into ancient wisdom within us and around us from the land, creatures and elements. We restore our bodies and minds and receive a well of inspiration to share with our clients and those around us.

When we immerse in nature as part of an Earth-loving community with a shared intention, it’s especially bonding and transformational. Exploring nature connection practices together can lead to profound shifts in how we experience nature and give us powerful tools and motivation to carry this back into our personal and professional lives.

Ariana Candell, LMFT, R-DMT, Ecotherapist

Receive personal and professional
Earth-based practices to uplift and strengthen you.

Experience personal transformation:

– Gain clarity, inspiration and peace through daily nature practices
– Translate your passion for nature into your life and healing work
– Experience foundational support from a dynamic, Earth-honoring community

Acquire skills for practicing Ecotherapy:

– Expand your professional work with a wide range of nature-based interventions
– Learn to create your own nature-inspired, somatic and expressive arts workshops
– Find out how to transition clients to outdoors settings with confidence and ease
– Learn tools to support clients affected by the political climate through activism-inspired Ecotherapy

This program is designed for:

Licensed clinicians, interns and counseling students, wellness practitioners, coaches, ministers, teachers, healers, and more.

We welcome all humans of any gender identity, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation and economic circumstance.

What participants say:

“This was a soul nourishing exploration and learning process in a beautiful land with a wonderful community of facilitators and participants. I experienced myself finding my way in the natural world. I learned to better connect with my own inner nature. I am grateful for the experience, for the wisdom shared, and the deep connections I experienced with the many sacred nature beings throughout the week. Thank you.”

~ Deborah Tallarico, RN, MA, LPC

“It was a wonderful experience to be in the presence of such passionate and knowledgeable women. Seven Oaks offered a safe and nourishing environment for the learning, expanding, and connecting we were doing. Ariana’s gentle style of guiding and teaching offered ease and acceptance to all that arose and was present. The movement in combination with natural environment was an organic unfolding of pure support and magical connection! Grateful to have moved with and been moved by the leadership & community formed!”

~ Wakelyn Malitz MA, LPC-I, R-DMT

Experience the power of being in Earth-honoring community
to share visions, hopes and support.

Our training approach:
Our Ecotherapy program is unique because we blend deep nature connection with the modalities of Somatics, Expressive Arts and Social Activism. Our practical and theoretical roots are in Hakomi Mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotherapy, Dance Movement Therapy and Joanna Macy’s activist-inspired “Work that Reconnects.”

This training integrates:
Experiential activities, sharing, clinical discussion, hands-on practice, consultation and peer support, as well as personal nature connection, networking, rest and rejuvenation.

Both trainings include a richly nourishing blend of experiences:
Authentic Movement in nature, Earth dream exploration, Mirroring from the Four Shields, Council Practice, a labyrinth walk, circle singing, a fire drum circle, and sacred ceremony in the mountain wilderness creating altars, ritual, and mandalas.

Additional Santa Cruz features:
Field trips to a scenic wild beach and the ancient redwoods, earth poetry practices, co-creating art with natural materials and Soulcraft practices.

Additional Blue Ridge features:
An indigenous-based sweat lodge, and expert introduction to the flora and fauna of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a special class about Ecotherapy with children and teens.

NEW Special Bonus Booklet:
20 Favorite Ecotherapy Interventions makes it easy to take home what you’ve learned and put it directly into practice for you and your clients.

Ecotherapy Certificate

You will receive an Ecotherapy Certificate for completion of this training program. 


Please note this program has space for only 14 participants.

East Coast Immersive

West Coast Immersive

What participants say:

“Our week together in Virginia was the highlight of the year for me. Not only did the week help me connect with nature and teach me so much about ecotherapy, but, more importantly and meaningful, was the surprising joy of connecting with an incredible group of women. You all, my earth sisters, feel like soul sisters and I’m so blessed for having you in my life… I feel a connection to you in my heart that seems to span time and distance and I believe has forever changed me in a profound and beautiful way.”

Michelle Engle, Pastoral Psychotherapist

This experience surrounded me in love and power…It boosted my confidence ane expanded my knowledge to effectively use ecotherapy in my work.”

~ Cecelia Futch, LPCC

You both created a spacious, authentic,grounded space that supported me in an important transformation in both my personal and professional life.” Lillian Brown Egloff, Serendipity Tarot“The class opened my eyes and heart, and gave me new tools and the confidence to bring nature into any setting, be it the forest, a park, or a Brooklyn neighborhood. Ariana has a true gift!”

~ Richelle R. Trivedi, Master Herbalist, Acupressurist, Reiki, Eco-Therapist


Hold your place with a deposit of $197

Training cost: $997
Early Bird: $897 if deposit paid by December 12th
Payment plans available

Retreat cost: $600
This includes housing, meals, and all facility use
(Save $100 if you camp at Seven Oaks)


Three partial scholarships
are available on first-come, first-served basis:

Equity Scholarship
for those who identify as people of color, LGBTQ and historically marginalized populations

Work-study positions
for those who need a financial discount for the training


Online Introduction to Ecotherapy or

Online Ecotherapy Certificate Program

A discount of $100 will be applied to your program when you sign up for both Level 1 & Level 2.

Please note this program has space for only 14 participants.

Join us for a transformational journey to connect with the wisdom of the land.

West Coast Immersive

Sevenoaks Retreat Center

At Sevenoaks, majestic 300-year-old oaks grow nestled within the forested slopes of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains. Some 350 million years old, these grand mountains, which are often veiled in wisps of fog, are ethereal and mysterious, holding wisdom and depth. Within its sanctuary of dogwoods, azaleas, orchids and mountain bogs is a wonderfully rich and interconnected ecosystem that supports a great diversity of animals, from salamanders and wild trout to otters and black bears. (Two hours from Washington D.C. Dulles airport.)

The program instructors

Ariana Candell, LMFT, R-DMT, Ecotherapist, is a licensed psychotherapist with 20-plus years experience and a pioneer in the emerging field of Somatic Ecotherapy. For the last decade, she has been an active leader in transforming the field of psychotherapy to include connecting to the natural world as an essential part of healing.

Ariana is founder of The Earthbody Institute, a professional, educational, and transformational forum dedicated to the cultivation of dynamic mutual relationships with the natural world. She is creator of the groundbreaking Professional Ecotherapy Training and Certification Program, now entering its fourth year. She facilitates workshops locally and internationally, including Online Ecotherapy Certificate Programs, Ecotherapy Immersion Programs and consultation groups. She also teaches Ecotherapy seminars as an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University.

Ariana believes that developing a consistent nature connection practice with elements of somatic awareness and openness to the sacred can foster a more holistic and balanced way of life. She is devoted to her own daily spiritual practice in nature, and encourages her private clients and students to develop their own practice. In all of her programs, she facilitates creation of a strong Earth-honored community, fulfilling an ancient human need of experiencing a profound connection to the sacredness of all beings.

Ariana is thrilled to be practicing Ecotherapy outdoors in the East Bay hills with more than half of her individual clients, and also brings the power of nature indoors to her private practice in Berkeley. Her main therapeutic influences include Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy, Somatic Ecotherapy, Dance Movement Therapy and Earth-based trainings from The School of Lost Borders.

East Coast 

Beverly Ingram BA, MA level ESL, Ecotherapist is the founder of Go into Nature, LLC., bringing outdoor Ecotherapy programs to adults and children. She has trained in a variety of mind-body centered healing practices including: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Vagus nerve regulation, Coyote Mentoring, and a decade of 5Rhythms and conscious dance practices. She received her Ecotherapy Certification from The Earthbody Institute in 2017.

Beverly comes with a background in International Business and teaching ESL to refugees and immigrants. Her Ecotherapy offerings include: workshops for refugees, “Women in the Wild”, forest programs for children in public schools, and individual adult sessions.

Beverly has been deeply connected to the earth throughout her life. One of the most transformative and creative periods of her life came through living solo in the wilderness for several months, propelling her towards her desire to share this work with others.

She believes that the core of nature connection is committing time and intention to the earth to develop a deep and supportive relationship, and that the deepening of this personal connection will naturally influence our care of the earth, like ripples in a pond.

West Coast 

Kai Siedenburg is a nature connection guide, Ecotherapist, and poet who is a pioneer in integrating nature awareness and mindfulness as a path to mind-body wellness.  She is passionate about helping people connect with nature as a path to greater peace, joy, and healing in their lives and in the world.

Kai loves to empower people to find simple ways to connect with the Earth in daily life, to cultivate deeper bonds with wild places, and to access nature-based healing.  Her first book, Poems of Earth and Spirit:  70 Poems and 40 Practices to Deepen Your Connection with Nature, celebrates our innate kinship with all life and helps us strengthen that kinship wherever we are.  

As the founder of Our Nature Connection, Kai offers group programs, individual sessions, and consulting services based on a unique approach she calls NatureWise.  Her approach is rooted in deep listening to nature, infused with love for people and the Earth, and shaped by what activist Carolyn Casey calls “a willingness to collaborate with everything.”  

Kai’s work is also is informed by 30-plus years of professional experience developing innovative educational programs and by extensive training and practice in mindfulness, holistic healing, and creative expression.  Prior to founding Our Nature Connection, she spent 25 years leading non-profit campaigns and programs to advance sustainable and socially just food systems.

Kai is profoundly nourished by her deep love of the lands and waters of the Santa Cruz area, where she has lived for more than 30 years.