Rev. Connie L. Habash

Title and License
LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #35178
Rev. Connie is a licensed psychotherapist, yoga & meditation teacher, and interfaith minister who weaves deep nature connection and Ecotherapy into her work. She offers Ecotherapy sessions in the Woodside and Menlo Park, CA areas, both in neighborhood parks as well as more rustic and wild locations. Her passion is spirituality and nature, which she weaves into her retreats and many of her workshops.

Licensed since 1999, Rev. Connie works with individuals, couples, and leads a women’s spiritual psychotherapy group. She has 25 years of experience teaching yoga, with a passion for yoga philosophy, meditation, awareness in the present moment, and of course, the sacred outdoors. She also has an extensive background of study in many different spiritual traditions, which led her to become an interfaith minister.

Her new book, Awakening from Anxiety: A Spiritual Guide to Living a More Calm, Confident, and Courageous Life releases August 15th, 2019. It addresses the challenges that spiritual and highly sensitive people have with stress and anxiety in our current era.
Services Summary

If you’re looking for a therapist that integrates body, mind, heart, spirit, and the Earth, we may be a good fit. I see the Divine manifest in nature and it is always speaking to us through every leaf, feather, and drop of rain. I also work with energy awareness, which nature facilitates very readily. I work mainly with individual adults as well as groups outdoors, but also have worked with parent and child.

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