Natasha Shapiro

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Natasha supports the diverse communities of the East Bay by providing relational psychotherapy to teens, adults and families. She also provides Clinical Supervision to therapists working in schools and non-profits in the area. While an experienced therapist, Natasha has recently started incorporating ecotherapy into her sessions and is very excited to finally be sharing her life-long love of the natural world with her clients. Natasha believes that detachment from the other-than-human-world is contributing to suffering and that connecting with nature can support mental health and emotional growth. Natasha weaves several modalities into her work which include Hakomi (somatic and mindfulness based), Narrative, Mindfulness-based CBT and Ecotherapy. She is client-centered and therefore works with clients at their own pace and helps people to recognize their inner strengths and discover more self-compassion.
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Psychotherapy for teens and adults

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