Jamie Carrier

Title and License
Certified Health Coach & Ecotherapy Coach with advance nutrition training
Jamie Pacini Carrier personally understands mental health & Autoimmune disorders and is someone who thrives on inspiring others to take control of their own life! Jamie is married and has 4 beautiful kids. She has fought through life threatening circumstances and has found balance with the guidance of medical professionals, family, friends, and God.

This gave her the motivation to go back to school to get her Health and Life Coaching certificates through HCI (Health Coach Institute), an accredited school of the International Coach Federation, to go along with her associate degree in Business. She later attended The Earthbody Institute where she received her level one & two certificates in Ecotherapy.

Because of Jamie’s personal health journey and education, she focuses on giving others the hope and tools needed to discover the balance between mental, environmental, and physical health through product options, one on one consulting, classes, retreats, online webinars, and personalized group/individual programs that help with four areas of health she too has had to face head on: ADHD, Autoimmune Conditions, Gut Health, and finding what foods take away or add to your overall health. She teaches YOU to push aside circumstance, even those outside of your control, and choose to live life to its fullest!
Services Summary

-ADHD: Which foods, environmental toxins, mental stressors, or every day products are triggering ADHD? Find out tools & options to help give support for ADHD through nature, food, options, and tools.

-Autoimmune: Turn the Auto switch in Autoimmune to manual by understanding why autoimmune conditions do what they do, how they internally affect your mind & body, how to decrease stress & inflammation through nature, foods, tools and options to live life on your terms!

-Gut Health: Second brain? More like 1st brain! Get your gut-brain connection back in line with each other through nature, food, tools, and options to help alleviate toxic overload, strengthen your gut microbiome army, and increase optimal health.

-Nutrition: find out what foods and avenues of nutritional support take away or add to your overall health, energy levels, inflammation & free radicle levels, and which food plan is best for your unique body! Whether dealing with a disease/condition or just want a sustainable preventive health care plan for you, starting with nutrition is key!

*All above programs offered in Group or Individualized setting & can be done in person or online.

-Discovery Session: FREE phone/online assessment of which plan, program, tools, and/or options are the best route for you & if we are a good fit for each other!

-FREE overview of options for better, safer, and more cost affective ways of living healthy.

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