Jacqueline Metcalfe

Title and License
Jacqueline Metcalfe is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT93622) and Registered Art Therapist (ATCB 15-131) in Malibu, California located on a lush landscape in the midst of the Santa Monica mountains. She completed her masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Art Therapy at Loyola Marymount University. Jackie has over 10 years of experience and alongside her academic and work experiences in several community mental health agencies, she’s developed the knowledge of mentoring and counseling couples, families, and individuals. Having been a counselor as school for 7 years, she is well versed in working with adolescents with moderate to severe mental health diagnosis. She is prepared and believes in offering comprehensive support services to clients from all backgrounds with a wide range of needs. As an Art Psychotherapist, she focuses on the art-making process as a therapeutic way to assist with emotional, behavioral or any mental health related problems. Jackie is an emerging ecotherapist. She completed her certificate at The Earthbody Institute in November of 2020. Jackie is now applying this form of psychotherapy to her private practice where she provides individuals with an opportunity to explore their relationship with nature.
Services Summary

Individual, couples and group therapy.

Contact Info
31727 Mulholland Hwy., Malibu, California 90265, (818) 900-4302
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