Beverly Ingram

Title and License
Specializing in somatic nature connection through, art, voice, dance movement, and mindfulness practices, Beverly has developed a 5 part flow which teaches us how to create and integrate a personal Wild Nature practice even into the busiest of lifestyles. She incorporates conscious dance, improvisational singing, mindfulness practices, vagus system recovery, and basic primitive backpacking skills into her programs. She has been a certified Ecotherapist since 2016, and co-teaches the EarthBody Institute immersion Program for professionals in Virginia. Her upcoming book will be published in 2018, and will also offer classes aligned with this book empowering others to develop and teach a personal Wild Nature practice.
Services Summary

Small group facilitation. Local or will travel
1/2 day to 2 day themed retreat or workshop programs
Self-help/personal development book on creating a Wild Nature practice in process
One on one sessions in person or online, helping clients create a regular nature practice using the 5 part flow
Women in the Wild 4 Month Journey- once a month day workshop and overnight primitive backpack trip. Open to all who identify as women.

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Beverly Ingram